ulkagear How much should you invest in safety after your motorcycle purchase?

How much should you invest in safety after your motorcycle purchase?

A motorcycle purchase is a hefty investment - but the buck doesn’t stop there.

Let’s say you spend about $8,000 on your new motorcycle. It’s everything you ever wanted, and now it’s time to ride it. But you suddenly remember, you got so swept up in the purchase of the motorcycle, you forgot to factor in costs associated with the right motorcycle riding gear!

Purchasing a motorcycle means buying in a lot more than just the automotive part of it. Let’s face it; riding a motorcycle is risky. So you’ve got to do everything to keep yourself protected, whether you’re going on long rides or short ones. When you purchase motorcycle riding gear, you’re not just doing it for the trendy aspect of it - you’re actually doing it to ensure your safety is taken care of.

What to invest in once you have purchased your motorcycle - Ulka gear

Riding a motorcycle means ensuring safety is your top priority - and you can only do this by investing a decent amount in good motorcycle riding gear that is both functional as well as makes you look good and feel great. So how much should you factor in for riding apparel and gear costs?

  • Training

Bought yourself a motorcycle but don’t quite know how to ride it yet? There’s nothing to feel ashamed about! Most riders start with a passion for riding a motorcycle. But to make sure you know how to ride a motorcycle well and don’t end up harming yourself or causing yourself any injuries, you need to enroll in motorcycle training. Don’t be afraid to take a few lessons and invest in learning how to handle your motorcycle before you take it into the outdoors. You can easily factor in about $400 for a good training program which is just 5% of the motorcycle cost.

  • Protection and accessories

In addition to your motorcycle and training, expect to spend about 20% of the total cost of your motorcycle towards protection and accessories. Protection is a top priority when it comes to riding a motorcycle, so you should ideally think about investing a decent amount of money in getting yourself a good fitting helmet, gloves that are abrasion-resistant and cinched to protect your wrists. You can also consider getting riding goggles and side storage to strap onto your motorcycle for longer journeys.

  • Riding gear

Motorcycle riding gear is essential to biking, and you can expect to spend roughly 10% of the cost of your motorcycle on the right gear. This includes good riding shoes or boots, proper bottoms/ pants designed for biking, and of course, a good riding jacket. If you’re looking for a great riding jacket that’s both trendy and functional, go for the Ulkagear Hakkit - built to last, this riding jacket is going to make heads turn. It is a jacket convertible into a backpack and has enough zips and pockets to fit all your personal belongings without inconveniencing your ride. This jacket is made from high-quality, durable material which protects you well.

Since you’ve got your dream motorcycle, it’s time to invest a small amount towards great riding accessories and gear and get on the road that’s waiting for you!


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