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Motorcycle Commuting Everyday Essentials

It doesn't matter how much distance you are covering; riding a bike has its set of risks. Unlike your four-wheeled counterparts, you are not protected from the weather or the traffic.

To ensure your safety, follow the adage ATGATT [all the gear, all the time]. This means you always wear your gear, including riding boots, motorcycle jacket, pants, helmet, and gloves. Remember, riding in your jeans and t-shirt can cost you your life.

Apart from the risk of accidents, you are exposed to the elements. You get your fair share of dirt, dust and UV exposure. To help you out, here is a list of biking essentials no biker worth his salt should be without.

Biking essentials
  • A certified helmet
  • Sturdy comfortable gloves
  • Riding jacket
  • Riding boots

Follow the rider's code to the 'T,' 'dress for the slide, not the ride.' 

Handlebar end blinkers

Visibility is essential when your life's on the line. The handlebar end blinkers are not only cool to look at but an ace on visibility. As these lights are connected to the direction indicators, they blink when the indicators are used. 

Think visibility when making a purchase

If you are a rider, you want to make sure you are visible when you are on the road. When you are dressed in a black riding jacket, car drivers might not see you until it's too late. According to a survey, riders who are wearing high visibility gear are 37% less likely to have an accident. The preferred colors on the visibility scale are pink, bright orange and neon green. Motorcycle decals are available in many colours. Use them to stand out. High-visibility helmets are a must. If you find that neon colours are not your style, select a white helmet. That will do the trick.

But, there is something to be said about a snazzy motorcycle jacket with fluorescent accents! 


Slippers are a strict no-no, though you see them often enough in eastern countries. Comfortable riding boots are essential for everyday commuting. Yes, I know; you can't turn up at the office wearing them! But you can slip your work shoes in your backpack to change into later. If you are lucky, you will find a pair that looks like work shoes. For the rains, opt for waterproof materials. 

Ready for the rains!

Waterproof wear isn't appealing to the eye, but it's all about staying dry. You must choose a colour that is strong on visibility. Rainy weather can impair a car driver's vision, and you want to avoid a crash at all costs. You have the option of a one-piece suit, or you can go for the classic pant and jacket combo.

Our point of view

More than a mode of commute, riding a bike is a lifestyle. Proper attire is a must, not just for safety issues but to give you an identity as a bike rider.


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