ulkagear What does CE certified motorcycle riding jacket mean?

What does CE certified motorcycle riding jacket mean?

If you are buying a motorcycle riding jacket. You are not just buying for safety but you are also looking for a style that you can carry on your motorcycle.

You will also notice that jackets pants and back protectors usually have CE rated armor. But, not all of that armor is the same. 

The differences between the CE level 1 and CE level 2:

Protector standard CE is really a European certification. Every CE product must undergo tests that are of these standards. Now this falls into two categories Level 1 and 2. 

  1. In the CE back protector test, the products are impacted by 50 joules of weight over 5 given impacts points. They then work out the average reading. The reading is always in kilonewtons and to be a CE level 1 it has to be 18 kilonewtons or less.
  2. Now if we move on to a CE level 2 armor, the same 50 joules are impacted now. The criteria is a bit stricter with this one and it has to be 9 kilonewtons or less of transmitted energy.

To put that into perspective 50 joules is roughly a house brick being dropped from roughly from six and a half feet height.

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