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6 Necessities To Carry on Your Next Road Trip

We’ve all been on a fair amount of road trips back when things were better (yes, covid-19 pandemic, we are talking about you!), and there’s nothing that says freedom more than journeying in your own vehicle, taking pit-stops whenever you feel like, and calling it a day as per your wish.

While your vehicle insurance papers, driver’s license, water bottle, etc., are mandatory, we have listed a few other essentials that you can pack for that ultimate motorcycle road trip experience. Ready?

  • Helmet

Ironically, a helmet is the most overlooked aspect of one’s packing list while embarking on a bike road trip — why? Some say it is sweat-inducing, some say they cannot see clearly with a helmet on in the rains, and especially in today’s times, people don’t feel the need to club a face mask and a helmet together. Well, if you too think on the same lines, you might end up badly injured in an accident. Don’t tighten your budget when it comes to a good quality helmet; remember, a full-face helmet is required to surround your head from every possible side. Skip an open-face helmet or a module type, as it is not safe.

  • Motorcycle Riding Jacket

No, a good quality motorcycle riding jacket is not just seen in movies and songs anymore. They’re now considered essential. Riding gears such as these protect your shoulders, back, and arms; avoid buying a loose-fitting jacket for yourself. We suggest you get your hands on a Hakkit, a convertible jacket that can double as your backpack.

  • Motorcycle Riding Pants

If you’re protecting your upper body with a motorcycle riding jacket and a helmet, it is only obvious to cover it all up with a pair of motorcycle riding pants. Look for pants that have protection guards for your knee caps. The quality, as always, must be high enough to stick through any kind of damage, but it should also be comfortable.

  • Riding Gloves

If your road trip is anywhere beyond one to two hours, you know you will need your hand gloves to ride comfortably. These riding gloves are categorized as per different seasons and requirements — summer, winter, or rain/water-proof. There are gloves available for racing, too. Whichever you decide to go for, ensure that it is fully protecting your palms and knuckles.

  • Riding Boots

While riding, your feet are the first part of your body that touches the ground/tarmac. So, they need to be protected as well. Remember, your shoes need to withstand enough pressure in case of an accident or a sudden brake. While riding boots may not be the most comfortable to wear, it sure ensures maximum safety.

  • Sunglasses

Riding your motorcycle in any season means coming in contact with the sun, followed by the harsh UVA+UVB rays, especially in the mountainous terrains. If you’re planning to ride towards a snow-clad destination, it’s all the more important to have eyewear that can withstand the harsh rays. Like helmets, sunglasses, too, come with tinted visors. Get one for yourself, and thank us later.

Ultimately, if we were to suggest you one single thing that is an absolute necessity out of this list, which you cannot go on a road trip without, it would be the Hakkit, a revolutionary motorcycle riding jacket that can convert into a backpack, as it does not just protect you, but also your helmet, eyewear, gloves, etc.


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