ulkagear Riding hacks that have changed the world

Riding hacks that have changed the world

Motorcycles are genuinely one of man's best friends — from the exhilarating riding experience to feel the wind in your hair, many brands have tried to help both men and women have the perfect riding experience. With evolutions and innovations in this industry pertaining to bikes and biking gear, few brands have focused on motorcycle apparel growth. The world is all about 'hacks' these days - be it taking a trip or riding your bike, people want to know the best hacks to make their experience more convenient and resourceful. 

Some great motorbike hacks for avid riders are using a soft drink can to park your bike on slippery surfaces or sticking a piece of magnetic tape for easier navigation while riding in places your phone network may be compromised. Imagine if there were some hacks to make riding gear and apparel more functional?  

This is where Ulkagear Hakkit glides in. Ulkagear Hakkit is a huge hack that allows you to wear a motorcycle jacket and convert it into a backpack - this is the perfect riding jacket that you can wear as a rider and use as a backpack once you take it off. 

Functional and trendy riding jacket 

Ulkagear Hakkit is a revolutionary motorcycle jacket that the wearer can transform into a backpack! You heard right - this riding jacket lets a rider hop on their bike without the hassle of carrying an extra bag to carry essentials. Designed in Italy and manufactured in India, this riding jacket consists of several pockets, openings, and closings that allow the rider to fit essential items like their phone, wallet, keys, gloves, and goggles while wearing the jacket. What's better, when the jacket is taken off, it can be folded to be completely transformed into a backpack and carried around without the rider having to transport his items into another bag! 

Hakkit Features 

Devised by Shahnawaz Karim, a national circuit racing champion and off-road enduro trainer, this riding jacket takes the motorcycle world by storm. The jacket by itself is made of high-quality leather and is available in several designs and colours. The Hakkit Forever, Hakkit Lite and Hakkit V2 are available in three designs, it is highly functional and resistant to water. 

Made with a combination of mesh and abrasion-resistant fabrics, the jacket has protective reinforcements in the form of elbow and shoulder pads. It allows breathability and ventilation and has YKK zippers attached across the body. The jacket's outer shell is made from comfortable polyester fabric, allowing the rider to wear the jacket comfortably throughout the day. 

This riding jacket is your very own convertible — perfect for riding around the city or across the country, wear your jacket and your personal items all-in-one. 

The motorcycle jacket also has pockets on the inside and the outside, depending on the design you choose. It comes with a set of safety features, including shock absorbers and detachable shoulder and back protectors. It is extremely comfortable and is designed with a view to being your perfect riding companion. 

Ride with the Ulkagear Hakkit 

Take a look at smart and sleek functional Hakkit motorcycle apparel at Ulkagear today to have a highly satisfying riding experience. Forget about backpacks; your riding jacket is enough! 


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