ulkagear Hakkit Jackets

Hakkit Jackets

The motorcycle riding gear never evolved after 1932 when protection padding was added for the first time. Ulkagear Hakkit is a revolutionary motorcycle riding jacket that can convert into a backpack. With Hakkit®, we have revolutionised how motorcycle gear will go ahead. This is for the first time your jacket is working for you even when you are not wearing by protecting your helmet, goggles, gloves, etc.

Ulka gear Hakkit® is a brainchild of Shahnawaz Karim, a national champion in circuit racing and IIA certified Off-road enduro trainer.

A revolutionary motorcycle riding jacket that can convert into a backpack. Hakkit by Ulka gear is designed in Italy and manufactured in India. 

With EU, US, India, and PCT. Hakkit® is the most comprehensively designed riding apparel.