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Top Mistakes Riders make With Riding Gear

One of the top mistakes a motorcycle rider can make is not wearing proper riding gear while riding. But did you know there are many riders who make mistakes in wearing their riding gear properly?

Motorcycle riding gear is supposed to protect a rider from accidents and potential injuries. These include fatal falls and crashes as well as minor abrasions and cuts which a rider's skin may face due to the bike or even due to riding in harsh weather conditions or riding for a long duration. Whether it's a small injury or a big one - it doesn't matter. What matters is that your riding gear should be entirely in place before you embark on a thrilling journey. 

At Ulka gear, we hope that you can learn from other riders' mistakes! We want our community of motorcycle riders to ride safely and be protected at all costs. So we've put together a list of the top common mistakes most motorcycle riders around the world make with wearing their riding gear. 

  • Not wearing complete or proper gear

Riding is an extreme sport, and sometimes it can get really hot to wear all the protective gear - so many riders avoid donning all parts of their rider gear. This is a huge mistake! Your riding gear includes a helmet, riding jacket, and other proper clothing, including gloves, bottom wear, and shoes/boots. Be it a long ride or a short one, don't let negligence take over. This simple mistake can cost you your life. 

Remember, you'd rather invest in proper riding gear than an inflated hospital bill! 

  • Not investing in a well-fitting helmet

We can't stress this enough - your helmet is one of the most intrinsic parts of your riding gear - in fact, the most important one! When purchasing a helmet, make sure you settle for one that fits you well - a poorly fitting helmet can cause you as much damage as no helmet probably could. 

  • Not clamping the helmet chin belt

A lot of riders just put their helmet on - without clamping the chin belt. They think that since the helmet fits tightly on their head and protects the skull, they can let the chin belt hang loose. The belt is there for a reason - remember to put it on! In the unfortunate event of an incident, you can risk your helmet getting loose or falling off your head, causing unwanted damage. Don't take that risk. 

  • Not zipping their riding jacket

Another common mistake most riders make is not zipping their riding jacket. To fix this, let's revisit why you need a riding jacket in the first place. A good motorcycle jacket protects the rider from harsh weather conditions and keeps the rider's skin from getting harmed - be it intense sun exposure, rain, or winds. Zipping the jacket helps protect a rider's core torso area from a potential injury or accident. Motorcycle jackets are made of tough material that is resistant to abrasions, thus keeping a rider's limbs and body shielded from any untoward incident. Long story short - keep that jacket zipped. 

  • Not using cinched gloves

Motorcycle riders wear gloves because they cover the palms and act as armour for both sides of the hand. They also help riders have a good firm grip on the bike and keep palms from getting sweaty during humid weather. Cinched gloves go a step ahead - they protect the rider's wrists from any damage that may arise from constantly manoeuvring the gears. 

Found yourself making these common riding mistakes? Time to learn from them!


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