ulkagear Why people don't wear helmets when riding motorcycles

Why people don't wear helmets when riding motorcycles

Helmets are protective shields - and while riding a bike, it's advised that you wear one. Legally, most countries' traffic norms require people to wear helmets while riding a motorcycle in order to avoid fatal injuries or even death. People can get charged with hefty monetary penalties for not wearing a helmet. Yet, people don't prefer wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. Why is it so?

We've rounded up the top reasons motorcycle riders avoid wearing helmets when riding. Let's take a look -

  1. Helmets can be inconvenient to carry and wear

Most motorcycle riders like to taste and feel freedom, especially during a ride that is supposed to help them feel liberated, and so find that helmets can be cumbersome to carry around and wear. Many riders find helmets to be bulky and thus avoid carrying one when possible.

  1. Helmets can make you feel sweaty and claustrophobic.

Many motorcycle riders feel that wearing a helmet for a prolonged ride can make their head feel sweaty - especially if the weather conditions are humid and hot. Many riders that suffer from issues of feeling claustrophobic don't like wearing helmets because of the closed feeling it gives them on their faces.

  1. Riders are afraid to lose their hair.

It might sound bizarre, but many motorcycle riders are actually worried about losing their hair! It's not the helmet, but wearing it for a longer duration can cause hygiene concerns stemming from bacteria and sweat, such as dandruff or alopecia, leading to gradual hair loss.

These reasons for not wearing a helmet, while maybe understandable, are not precisely reasonable - helmet wearing is a legal requirement that prevents people from having road accidents or potentially dangerous injuries. So what if we helped motorcycle riders with a product that could take care of all these reasons and actually convince them to wear a helmet?

Stow helmet inside Jacket 

Stow your helmet into your Riding Jacket

Motorcycle riders prefer convenience when riding - because the only thing on their mind then is the thrill of their bike. The Ulkagear Hakkit motorcycle jacket helps riders combine convenience, thrill, and functionality - all in one. 

This motorcycle jacket doubles up as a convertible backpack that can be used to store and carry a motorcycle helmet when not in use. The Hakkit motorcycle jacket comes in three different kinds and is the perfect riding jacket explicitly built to facilitate a better ride.

  • Inconvenient to carry - Use the Hakkit riding jacket when the helmet is not in use to carry it around effortlessly
  • Sweaty and claustrophobic - Still not a reason not to wear a helmet! Get yourself a customised helmet made from breathable internal fabric that keeps you from getting sweaty and gives you full head protection while making room for your claustrophobia. When done using, just use your riding jacket to store the helmet!
  • Afraid to lose hair - Ensure your helmet is made from good quality material so that the fabric doesn't react harshly with your scalp or skin.

Don't make an excuse not to wear a helmet - it can save your life. Instead, increase functionality and style with a Hakkit riding jacket that makes wearing your helmet a lot easier!


  • Williams

    Some people think they are uncomfortable. Some people think they are too hot, Some people think they limit what you can see and hear. But, Today we can find a helmet that will not only fit you correctly but be comfortable for all-day use.

  • Brotherspowersport
    Safety means a lot while riding..! some of the riders won’t wear helmets only for the issue of comfort. some of them feel bulky and heavy to wear. It’s wrong we should wear helmets for safety is good.

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