ulkagear Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Ulka pronounced?

- 'Uu-l-k-ah'. The name Ulka has been derived from shooting stars. A meteorite according to Sanskrit language. 

What is the meaning of Ulka?

- Ulka is a meteorite or a shooting star. The word has been derived from Sanskrit language where its called Ulka Pind. The essence behind the name is that when it enters earth's atmosphere, it disintegrates from the outside there by conserving it's core. As a brand essence, we want you to look stylish yet safe as a motorcycle rider.

What are the sizes Hakkit is available in?

- All products are available in various sizes depending on their availability in stock. For more detail please visit product pages to see the details.

How does it convert to a backpack?

- All convertible jackets convert into a very simple 3 step process - FLIP - ZIP - BAG. You just need to flip the jacket, zip it up completely and 'EUREKA' it's converted to a backpack.